Cartier Tourbillon and Crocodile Watch (WG-Diamonds / Diamonds-MOP / Canvas Strap)

Код продукта: Cartier NRN
Cartier Tourbillon and Crocodile Watch (WG-Diamonds / Diamonds-MOP / Canvas Strap)
  • Описание
    Limited-edition series of 50 individually numbered timepieces
    Cartier has created a truly remarkable watch that really highlights the beautiful flying tourbillon.
    Cartier has reversed the movement to show the mechanism and its skeletonised bridges, which now form part of the decor.
    The centerpiece and obviously the most eye-catching feature of the watch is a diamond crocodile, which carefully guards the time.
    Sculpted in white gold with emerald eyes, the reptile is surrounded by a bed of waterlilies in translucent red and white enamel.
    The heart of this jewellery piece are driven by a unique flying tourbillon: the calibre 9458 MC, adorned with the Geneva Seal.
    There is a power reserve of 50 hours.
    It is regulated by a flying tourbillon featuring a C-shaped carriage that also serves to indicate the seconds.
    Instead of being positioned in the traditional way, protected between the bridges and plate of the movement, this flying tourbillon has been developed as a fantastic design feature.
    The carriage appears to &ldquo-fly&rdquo- over the bridges, as if suspended weightless above the dial, and is particularly exposed to the shocks that could disturb its balance.
    The technical risks linked this superb solution thus required the master watchmakers to pay particular attention to the design of the carriage, in order to ensure that the tourbillon&rsquo-s shock-resistance remained unaffected.
    It is this feature that gives this round watch its timekeeping rhythm.
    Set entirely with diamonds, it required over 50 hours of work to produce.
    The seamless fusion of two areas of expertise - jewellery and watchmaking - has resulted in the beauty and superb functionality of this Manufacture mechanical movement.
    It is further enhanced by high-quality finishes, all of which have been meticulously crafted to meet the very demanding standards of the Geneva Seal.
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    • Унисекс
    • Белое золото
    • 44,5
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    • Ремень.
    • Часы, Минуты, Секунды
    • Коробка производителя и документы
    • Limited Editions
    • Механический
    • Cartier NRN
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