Cartier Santos 100 (SS / Silver /Croc Leather)

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Cartier Santos 100 (SS / Silver /Croc Leather)
  • Описание
    Cartier Santos 100.
    Roman numerals Silver dial, Croc Strap
    .To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the friendship between Cartier founder, Louis Cartier, and the famous Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont, Cartier created the Santos 100.
    Alberto Santos Dumont was well-known all over the world as the pioneer of aviation in Europe, who flew in France and other parts of Europe in some of the initial prototypes of airplanes.
    Cartier took up a challenge to design a wristwatch with a leather strap specifically for his friend after the aviator complained at the difficulties he had while trying to find out the time using his pocket watch during the flights.
  • Характеристики
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    • Мужские часы
    • Сталь
    • 43 x 51 x 10,5
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    • Ремень.
    • Часы, Минуты, Секунды
    • Коробка производителя и документы
    • Santos 100
    • Механический
    • w20073x8
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