DeWitt WX-1 (PG / Titanium) WX-1

Код продукта: WX-1
DeWitt WX-1 (PG / Titanium) WX-1
  • Описание
    The genesis of this work of art stems from a Momentous Encounter Between Two Individuals. The object Designed and Developed "-under the name of WX-1 tells a story, That of Two Exceptional Friends, Witt and Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The designer and the architect blended Their curiosity and talent, Uniting Pursuing Their thoughts in the single-minded goal of Developing object Intended year to measure time - aim Also you traded all year Endowed with Truly Exceptional design and advanced technology.
  • Характеристики
    • новые
    • Мужские часы
    • Комбинированный корпус
    • 72.5 x 21
    • Нет
    • Ремень.
    • Часы, Минуты, Секунды
    • Коробка производителя и документы
    • Pieces Exceptionnelles
    • Механический
    • WX-1
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