Arnold & Son Tourbillon Sir John (WG-RG / Silver / Leather)

Arnold & Son
Код продукта: 1SJAW.P01A.C20O
100 000
Arnold & Son Tourbillon Sir John (WG-RG / Silver / Leather)
  • Описание
    The Tourbillon cancels out the variations in rate due to gravity. It consists of a circular mobile carriage carrying all the escapement organs, with the regulating organ in its centre.
    Clearly exposed through the large dial opening, the carriage completes one revolution per minute and this rotation compensates for the negative effects of gravity on the escapement and in particular on the balance.
  • Характеристики
    • новые
    • Мужские часы
    • Grand Tourbillon
    • Комбинированный корпус
    • Нет
    • Ремень.
    • Часы, Минуты, Секунды
    • Коробка производителя и документы
    • Механический
    • 1SJAW.P01A.C20O
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