Arnold & Son Grand Moon Tourbillon 1MROP.U01A.C61Q

Arnold & Son
Код продукта: 1MROP.U01A.C61Q
Arnold & Son Grand Moon Tourbillon 1MROP.U01A.C61Q
  • Описание
    This celestial time instrument combines a historical watch making feat in the shape of the tourbillon with that of a truly unique, retrograde moon phase function. The cycle has been calculated on the moon&rsquo-s exact synodic period. A synodic period is the time required for a body within the solar system to return to the same position relative to the Sun as seen by an observer on the Earth.
  • Характеристики
    • новые
    • Мужские часы
    • Limited Editions
    • Красное золото
    • Нет
    • Ремень.
    • Часы, Минуты, Секунды
    • Коробка производителя и документы
    • Механический
    • 1MROP.U01A.C61Q
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